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Hi, zED here. Pseudogames is a project, a fraternity of friends and colleagues that assemble from time to time on game jams.

For the good or for the bad, the people involved have no other intention than to make the game and see other people playing it.

Skills used in these games.


3d modelling
Unity 3D
image processing
multiplayer network
Open GL
Some of the most important Jams.


2011 - 2015

meet other teams

Was one of the best jams to be in Sao Paulo, there were no competition besides the queues that formed to play the games at the expo's arcade. Most people have teams when they arrive, but it's possible to join one there.

Lately the overflow of people (about 400 people each edition) forced the event in a downward spiral, for instance there is no arcade or expo anymore. But, even then, the opportunity of an immediate feedback from the other game makers is quite interesting.


Ludum Dare
one man army

At this one you must work all alone. It's the hardest one to go through, but it could be a nice opportunity to try something new, without any conflict.

The game is only displayed online, but there is quite some people trying it on and commenting.


Global Game Jam
meet other people

The objective is to go alone and form a team there. It's the best jam to test your communication skills, thats the hardest part on this one, but it's usually easier to gather all the skills needed to make the game.

Some of the teams that made these Games.



Gamejam team

Friends and colleages I invited to gamejams.


Apollo Entertainment Software
Game Company

One of the first videogame companies at Rio de Janeiro, pioneers on a very harsh scenario for computer game development on the mid 90's in Brazil.


Quake Clan

College crew, quake and total annihilation aficionados.

Golem Hunt Golem Hunt @ LD36 Fool's Journey Fool's Journey @ SPJAM2015 Demon Inside Demon Inside Ninja vs. Zombies Ninja vs. Zombies @ SPJAM2014 Mechabeats Mechabeats @ GGJ2013 Odessa Odessa @ LD28 Ensemble Ensemble Cave9 Cave9 HardHeaded HardHeaded @ SPJAM2013 Survivor Survivor @ SPJAM2012 Inferno Inferno @ SPJAM2011 Betty Boop Tetris Betty Boop Tetris Solaris: The Duel Solaris: The Duel Palito Palito Cyberdaemon Cyberdaemon
Personal details.


Name: Carlo "zED" Caputo
AKA: zed9h, 9H.zED
Birth: 1977
Roles: Programmer, Coordinator, Game Designer, 2D/3D Graphics, 3D Modeling, Audio/Video.
Location: Barra Funda,
Sao Paulo,

We always need better art, music and stories. Join us!

I'm a hardcore gamer and would never let you down by designing a crappy title. John Romero
I'll never get sick of zombies. I just get sick of producers. George Romero