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Plasma Demos

1996, 9hells

Dur­ing my col­lege days, I was drawn to the world of demo scene pro­gram­ming and began work­ing on some early projects in­volv­ing plas­mas. These projects were my first ex­pe­ri­ences with C pro­gram­ming and I re­mem­ber being fas­ci­nated by the in­tri­cate pat­terns and ef­fects that I could cre­ate.

While these early projects were rel­a­tively sim­ple, they pro­vided me with valu­able ex­pe­ri­ence in cod­ing and al­lowed me to de­velop my skills in graph­ics pro­gram­ming. As I con­tin­ued to work on more com­plex projects, I al­ways re­mem­bered those early days fondly, know­ing that they laid the foun­da­tion for every­thing that came after.