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Myself End Zed

2005, Myself

Prod­uct of the prac­ti­cal ex­pe­ri­ence of soft­wares, this project be­lieves in the re­la­tion be­tween men and com­put­ers -- con­ceiv­ing that the cre­ative idea, in the today's con­text, don't come ex­clu­sively from our imag­i­nary, but the re­la­tion of our will with the mech­a­nisms of the ma­chine. Also con­sid­ers es­sen­tial, spe­cially on the elec­tronic music, the unity be­tween video clip and music, tak­ing in ac­count that the tech­nol­ogy evolves, open­ing doors and es­tab­lish­ing it­self strongly on the au­dio­vi­sual arts and the vir­tual world. Clearly, don't see op­po­si­tion be­tween na­ture and tech­nol­ogy, for the sim­ple rea­son that one is the trans­for­ma­tion of the other, there­fore, it's con­tin­u­a­tion. Fi­nally, this project be­lieves in the urban struc­ture, and see that it's evo­lu­tion couldn't coun­ter­act it's progress.